How to Conserve Water

conserve water

You never know when the next major drought will occur in California. You should practice water conservation in your home for the environment and to preserve reserves. Here are tips on how to conserve water in your home:

You should limit the amount of time you are in the shower. You shouldn’t need more than one shower per day and each shower shouldn’t be more than 2-3 minutes long. The average American spends 5-10 minutes in the shower a day and this wastes several gallons of water a day in your home.

You also don’t need to run your bathroom faucet the entire time you brush your teeth. Don’t turn on the faucet until it is time to rinse after you are done brushing your teeth.

Do not run your dishwasher unless it is a full load. You should be able to wash small amounts of dishes by hand which will use less water. The same is true for your laundry washing machine. You should not run your laundry washing machine unless it is a full load of dirty clothing.

You should water your grass or lawn outside as little as possible. If you do need to water your lawn you should set your sprinklers on a timer so that they do not run for too long at a time. Your lawn or garden shouldn’t need to much water to grow and prosper in Sacramento.

When it comes time to schedule carpet cleaning for your home, hire City Wide Chem-Dry in Sacramento. Our service uses one-fifth of the amount of water that steam cleaning uses. The process is low-moisture and eco-friendly and contains no toxins or chemicals.

We hope these tips on how to conserve water in your home are helpful. You can find more sources for water conservation tips online too!

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