Party Cleanup Tips

party guests

Do you love to throw parties for friends and family members at your home? To host a party at your house is a lot of fun. To clean up after a party is not. Sometimes it takes just as long to clean from a party as the party itself! Here are some party cleanup tips for faster and easier cleaning:

Plastic Cups & Silverware

You should purchase plastic silverware and cups and paper plates for your party. If the occasion isn’t a holiday dinner or something more elegant, plastic utensils and dinnerware are completely acceptable. This will eliminate the need to wash several stacks of dirty dishes after the party.

Garbage Bags & Cans

You should place bins for garbage and recyclables in various areas of your home so they’re easily accessible for the party guests. You want your guests to be able to find a garbage bag fast so they don’t forget to throw away their used napkins or plastic silverware.

Outdoors > Indoors

If the weather in Sacramento is nice, you should consider hosting the party outdoors. There will still be some party cleanup required but it won’t be near as bad. You can allow guests indoors to use the bathroom or to relax in the air conditioning for a moment if need be but for the most part if the guests are outdoors your home will remain clean during the party.

No Pets Allowed

We recommend including a note on your invitation to request that guests do not bring their pets with them to the party. Pets are messy and their needs can be ignored if their owner is busy having fun at your party. You don’t want any “accidents” to occur on your carpet or furniture from your guest’s pets.

No Shoes Inside

You should instill a “no shoes indoors” rule for your home and try to uphold it during parties too. Your guests shoes will bring a lot of dirt and toxins into your home that will pollute the air of your home and soil carpet.

We hope these party cleanup tips help! Hopefully your party is a huge success and no major messes occur. If an accident happens and there is a spill or stain on your carpet, don’t worry! Just give us a call!

City Wide Chem-Dry offers deep carpet cleaning for homes in Sacramento, CA. We can remove wine, soda, juice, sauce and other common party stains from carpet with our Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) cleaning. Call (916) 399-0769 after your party.

But first have fun!

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