Mold In Your Home

mold in homeThe very last thing a homeowner wants is to find out is that their home is infested with mold. Mold abatement can be a costly, aggravating expense – especially when it’s left untreated or goes unnoticed for too long. Pay attention to these seven signs that your home may have an impending mold problem.

1. Is your family suddenly plagued with itchy, watery eyes, stubborn coughs, and body aches? That may sound like allergies or the flu, but it could be signs of mold spores circulating in the air.

2. Mold has a very distinct, musty odor. If your home is clean, well-ventilated, and aired out and you still detect a musty smell, follow your nose. It’s probably right.

3. If you’ve recently had a flood in your basement and it didn’t dry properly or completely, you’ll want a professional to come out and assess the damage as quickly as possible to ward off mold growth.

4. Do you have unexplained green or black dots, spots, or watermarks on your ceilings and walls? They’re a sure sign that mold is about to get out of control.

5. Any sign of water damage – even if you think you know the source – should be checked and double checked because mold thrives in dampness and moisture.

6. If your home is consistently humid, there might be mold spores causing unclean air to invade your living space.

7. Is the wallpaper peeling off your walls for no detectable reason? There might be mold in your walls and the wallpaper might be covering up water damage.

If you notice any of these signs and symptoms of mold, call a qualified team of professionals. They will take your health and the health of your home seriously and will diagnose your home’s mold and eradicate any trace of mold quickly and effectively.

City Wide Chem-Dry is based in Sacramento, CA. We offer professional carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning to local residents and businesses.

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