Why Having Less Toys is Good for Your Kids

Less Toys
source: http://diggorylifestyle.co.uk/decluttering-a-childs-bedroom/

Is your child’s room overflowing with toys? Are they constantly toys on the ground, in the living room, kitchen, and just about every inch of your home?

Many of us assume that the more toys the better. We think that an abundance of toys equals a happy childhood.

But that actually isn’t the case. There are some reasons that having fewer toys actually benefit your child.

And fewer toys will benefit you as a parent in maintaining a clean and orderly home as well!

How Fewer Toys is Beneficial for Your Child:

  1. Longer Attention Span. When a kid has too many toys in their life, they tend to have a shorter attention span. A child will often not really appreciate any toy when they have a large abundance of other toys available at all times.
  2. Better Social Skills. Children with fewer toys have been shown to develop better interpersonal relationships with other kids and adults. They learn how to converse better and have stronger childhood friendships.
  3. They Learn to Take Better Care of Things. When kids have too many toys they naturally care less for them. They will not value them as much and therefore do not take care of them. If your child is always damaging their toys, take a good amount of toys away! They learn quickly to take care of the remaining toys.
  4. More Creative. Too many toys will often hinder a child’s creativity. Studies have shown that fewer toys lead to children becoming more creative and having stronger imaginations.
  5. More Resourceful. Fewer toys force children to be more resourceful with what they have to problem-solve with only the materials at hand. Resourcefulness is a great skill!
  6. Kid’s Fight Less. Many parents wrongly assume that more toys will lead to less fighting because there are more options available. However, the opposite is actually true. Siblings often argue over toys and every time a new toy is introduced, each child tries to establish their “territory” among the others. Children with fewer toys are forced to work together, collaborate, and share.
  7. They Become Less Selfish. Children who get everything they want believe that they deserve everything they want. This leads to selfishness and an unhealthy attitude.
  8. They Learn Perseverance. When a child has too many toys they will give up easily. If they don’t understand a toy they will quickly discard it for a different and easier toy. Kids with less will develop more patience, perseverance, and determination.
  9. Become Less Materialistic. True happiness can not be bought or found in the aisle of a toy store. Children who are encouraged to look outside of material things are more likely to find joy in the things that truly last.
  10. Fewer Toys Leads to Clean and Orderly Home. Fewer toys naturally lead to less toy clutter. When there are fewer toys there in your home it will be cleaner, more orderly, and healthier!

Toys are great for children to learn and grow through playtime. But the fact is that too many toys can have some negative impacts on your child.

Fewer toys will help your child learn valuable skills that will last a lifetime!

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