Tips to Teach Your Dog to Enjoy Baths

How to Bathe Your Dog

Most dogs do not enjoy getting a bath. In fact, some dogs absolutely dread it!

Movies and television make the process of bathing your dog look like a fun and enjoyable time for everyone but in reality, this is usually a struggle for most pet owners.

We have some tips to help teach your dog to not hate getting a bath and maybe even enjoy it!

Tips for Teaching Your Dog to Enjoy Baths:

Positive Association

You want your dog to associate bath time with things he enjoys.

Offering treats, toys, and affection during the bathing process is very important to teach your dog to relate bath time with a positive experience.

Begin by having them step into the empty tub for a few minutes. Continue to offer treats, toys, and praise.

Next, work your way up to adding a small amount of warm water. Be sure that the water is not hot, this is unhealthy for your pet.

Take your time in this process. You may want to practice having your dog come to the bathing area without actually giving him a bath for awhile until he comes willingly.

Be patient and remember the importance of treats, toys, praise, and plenty of affections!

Start Young

Starting as soon as possible is very important in teaching your pup to enjoy bath time. If at all possible start this process when they are puppies. The younger the dog the better the chance they will associate the bath positively.

Protect the Ears

Be very careful not to get water in your dog’s ears during a bath. It can not only cause your dog to be uncomfortable but it can also lead to serious health issues.

IF possible place cotton balls in your dog’s ears during the bath to protect them. If this isn’t possible, just be careful when spraying your pup.

Work from the Neck Down

Not only is it important to keep your dog’s ears safe but you want to protect his eyes and mouth as well.

To protect your dog’s eyes and mouth during a bath be sure to wash him from the neck down.

To do this use a cup or bucket or your shower sprayer. There are even especially shower attachment sprays for bathing dogs like this one.

You do not want to neglect to clean your dog’s face and ears. So, in order to clean your pup’s face, you will want to use a damp washcloth and gently wipe the entire face area.

Dry Properly

So pet owners like to use pet blow dryers, but most dogs do not like the loud noise it makes. You would have to train your dog not to be afraid of these either.

Otherwise, a good ole’ fashion absorbent towel will do the trick. Pet stores have especially absorbent towels for drying pets.

Be sure to dry your dog’s ears well and be prepared for the inevitable shake!

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