Robot Vacuum Guide

robot vacuum

The future is now! Sorry, no flying cars yet but we live in a world of computers and robots. They are in everything from including our vacuum cleaners.

Most people don’t enjoy chores especially vacuuming. It is time-consuming and tedious but something that must be done and the more often the better. You probably have seen robot vacuum cleaners and dreamed of never having to vacuum again but at the same time thought it must be too good to be true.

Well, we have listed the pros and cons of robot vacuum cleaners so you can decide if it is worth the investment.

Pros of Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Programmable Schedule

Robot Vacuum cleaners have a program function so you can set them to clean on certain days and at certain times. It is really nice to be able to have clean floors without have having to drag out the vacuum cleaner yourself and manually vacuum.

Gets Hard to Reach Areas

Most robot vacuum cleaners are small and compact in order to easily travel under beds, sofas, couches and other hard-to-reach-areas that the old-fashion vacuum cleaners simply can’t. This feature is great for dust busting all those common dust bunny breeding spots.

Spot Cleaning

Many robot vacuum cleaners include a spot cleaning feature that you can set. This features focuses on messes or spills in one certain area rather than running over the entire house. This is nice if you have an area of your home that gets particularly dirty often.


Hard surfaces in your home like tile and hardwood may require occasional mopping after being vacuumed. Some robot vacuum cleaners have a mopping mode.

Cons of Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Can’t Have Items on the Floor

Just like a regular vacuum cleaner, robot vacuum cleaners will suck up things like socks, toys, or other small objects.

So, you will have to make sure all these items are picked up around the house just like you would while using a standard vacuum.

The difference here is that when using a regular vacuum you can pick up forgotten items as you go, with a robot vacuum you will have to remember to pick up before days and times the vacuum is set for.

They Can Get Stuck

For the most part, all robot vacuum cleaners are a similar shape and size but there are variations. Just a quarter of an inch in height can make the difference between gliding under a dresser or get wedged under it and stuck.

Battery Life

Limited battery life is a major downside. Robot vacuum cleaners are supposed to automatically return to the charging station when they are running low on batteries but often they get lost on their way home and die in the middle of the room. Some models are better at this than others.

Trash Compartment

Due to their relatively compact size, robot vacuum cleaners have a small trash compartment which must be emptied frequently. This can be even worse in homes that have a lot of debris like homes with numerous pets that shed.

Need Regular Vacuum

Robot vacuum cleaners are great for regular cleaning but there is still spaces that they can not reach like stairs and some corners. So you wouldn’t want to throw out the traditional vacuum cleaner.


Robot vacuum cleaners are generally less noisy than a regular vacuum cleaner but they do run slower so there is a longer period of noise than with a standard vacuum cleaner. This can be avoided by programming the vacuum to run when you are not at home.


Unfortunately, robot vacuum cleaners are still an extravagant purchase at this point especially when you consider that you still need to have a traditional vacuum as well. Even at the low end, they are more expensive than a traditional vacuum cleaner.


Robot vacuum cleaners can be an awesome addition to your cleaning arsenal but at this point, they are still a luxury. If you have the disposable income for it and really hate chores robot vacuum cleaners are great. Hopefully, they will become more affordable before flying cars.

It is important to consider the pros and cons of cordless vacuum cleaners before you decide if they are worth the price. Check out our blog about cordless vacuum cleaners to learn if they are the right vacuum for you.

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