How to Organize Your Closet

Your closet can easily become a disaster area, especially if you have a lot of clothes, shoes, jewelry, and stuff that you store in it. Having an unorganized closet can be stressful. It makes it difficult to find specific items or to even just get dressed each day when you have to dig through a mound of clothes. Organize your closet to have a more organized life!

Organizing your closet will help to make your mornings run smoother, keep clothes wrinkle-free and clean, and help give you peace of mind. We have provided five simple steps to help you organize your closet.

5 Easy Steps to Organize Your Closet:

Step 1

Assign an area to empty your closet out into, like your bed or you can clear an area of your room. Next, remove everything from the closet, clothes, hangers, boxes, shoes, blankets and anything else you store inside it. This first step is extremely important and possibly the most time consuming but it will help you see everything that you have in plain view and allow you to see what kind of storage you need.

It may be worth investing in a collapsible clothing rack to hang items so you can better see what you have. You can use the rack in your laundry room once you are done with the project!

Take your time in this process, remove each item and lay them out individual. If you through items in piles, you will not be able to tell what you all have. Listen to music or enlist the help of a friend or family member to make this process more enjoyable!

Step 2

Organize items into categories. It is usually best to start with two categories: “keep” and “toss.” Take the “toss” items and place them in bags or boxes to be donated or passed on to friends or family members.

Next, organize items in broad categories like clothes, shoes, and linens. Then, divide those into subcategories like winter boots, sweaters, and sheets.

It is important to remain organized during this stage when you come across small items like batteries or earrings make sure to keep them together in a baggie or jar so that they don’t become lost.

Step 3

Remove items that do not belong in a particular closet. Often items will get stored in the wrong closet which leads to disorganization and clutter. So make sure to move bedroom items to your bedroom closet, kitchen items to the kitchen closet, linens to the linen closet.

It is tempting to just through items out of sight into the wrong closet but this leads to clutter. But try to stay focused on the designated closet you are working on. You can always organize other closets at a later date.

Step 4

Get rid of unwanted items. This can be the hardest part of the process.

You will need to look at each item and decide whether it worth keeping. For example, you will want to get rid of socks or shoes that are missing their partner or anything that has holes. Then you will want to ask yourself the following three questions when deciding:

Does it still fit?

Have I worn it in the last year?

Do I really need that many (jeans, socks, blankets, etc.)

If the answer is “no” then it’s time for it to go. You can donate to charity, sell items online, have a garage sale, or pass on to friends and family.

Step 5

Before you put your items back in the closet you will want to clean the closet itself. An empty closet is the perfect time to dust and wipe down shelves and vacuum or mop closet floors.

You will probably find items like clothing tags, store receipts and dust bunnies when the closet is completely empty that you may have missed before. This may also be a good time to repaint a closet or wipe down the walls if they have mold or mildew growing on them.

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