Why Choose Carpet?

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Why choose carpet for your home?

There are many flooring options on the market today from stone, tile and hardwood flooring. But nothing is more inviting and comfortable than carpet.

We have listed just some of the reasons to consider choosing carpet in your home over other flooring options.

Reasons to Choose Carpet:

Comfort and Warmth

Nothing is quite as comfortable under foot as carpet. It provides a soft cushion for your feet. Carpet gives a room the feeling of being inviting, cozy, soft and warm, which makes it a great choice for living rooms or bedrooms.

Compliments the Décor

Carpet comes in many different colors, patterns, surfaces and textures. It can complement the décor of any room.


Carpet helps to soften harsh sounds and can give your home a quieter more peaceful feel. The installation of carpet and underlay can greatly diminish the sound of footfall, objects being dropped and chairs being dragged across the floor. This makes carpet a wonderful choice for homes with children and pets.

Carpet and underlay help to reduce echo in your home that can travel from room to room. This can be especially helpful in areas of your home that are used for frequent phone calls, like a home office.


Falling can be a danger with many flooring options like hardwood and stone. Carpet is very slip-resistant and therefore a safer choice for homes with small children and for seniors.

It provides a soft surface for children, especially young children learning to crawl or walk who fall frequently. Slippery flooring can be very hazardous for the especially for the elderly. Carpet is the safest flooring choice to protect against serious injury resulting from falls and slips in the home.


Carpet is naturally a great thermal insulator. Its insulation ability is comparable to fiberglass. Carpet can help to greatly reduce energy costs in heating and cooling which also helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which is good for your wallet and the earth.

A carpeted floor just feels warmer than other floorings, especially when you have underlay installed as well. Uninsulated floors can be responsible for up to 20% of heat loss for a home.

The best way to save energy is to have carpet installed in a large area of your home from wall to wall, this way you are saving the most possible energy.


There are so many options in carpeting that it is sure to fit any budget. It can be considerably less expensive than wood, vinyl and ceramic tiles, which are usually sold by the broadloom meter while most other products are sold in square meters. This means that you get about 3 times more carpet for the same square meter price of other floorings.

Healthiest Choice

Contrary to common belief, to choose carpet, can be great for your health and overall well-being. Well cared for carpet can actually help to purify the air because it can reduce indoor dirt and allergens that cause allergies and asthma in people. Carpet pile can trap airborne dust and particles that contain allergens and absorbs the containments from inside and outside your home, including volatile organic compounds.

Carpet can be good for your overall wellbeing since it provides a more quiet and comfortable environment which can help you avoid stress and stay calm and relaxed.

Easy to Maintain

Carpet is generally easy to take care of. It just requires periodic vacuuming, prompt attention to spills and having it professionally cleaned about once a year to remove deeper embedded dirt and allergens.

City Wide Chem-Dry provides all natural carpet cleaning to residents of Sacramento, Elk Grove, Roseville and nearby California communities.

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