Why Vacuum Regularly?


Most people do not particularly enjoy the task of vacuuming. Dragging an awkward machine across your floors isn’t that enjoyable but it is extremely important for several reasons.

Vacuuming regularly is important not only to have a clean appearance but it is also imperative to having a healthy and happy home and family.

Why You Should Be Vacuuming Regularly:

For Your Health

There are thousands of tiny microbes constantly floating around our homes, which can cause a variety of health problems like asthma and inhalant-related allergies like hay fever.

Bacteria, dust mite, mold are just some of the organisms that can cause serious respiratory issues. Frequent vacuuming will greatly reduce a number of harmful particles in your home

Home Hygiene

 Everyone enjoys a clean, fresh smelling home. Vacuuming regularly will help to reduce dust, dirt and allergens that can lead to a musty odor if allowed to build up in carpets. Food particles often end up in carpet fibers as well and when left can produce a foul odor.

Vacuuming regularly will improve the air quality of your home by removing the dust, dirt and allergens.

Prolong the Life of Your Carpets

Vacuuming regularly will help to keep your carpet looking newer longer. Vacuuming will remove the dirt particles that are responsible for grinding into your carpet and making it look dingy and worn.

How Often Should You Be Vacuuming?

At Least Once a Week

Vacuuming regularly is important for you and your families health. To maintain good air quality in your home and keep the flooring looking clean vacuuming should be done at least once a week.

If You Have Pets

If you have pets, especially those that shed, you will want to vacuum as often as twice a week. Make sure you use a good quality vacuum cleaner that is designed for pet hair removal.

High Traffic Areas

High traffic areas like hallways, entryways, living rooms, or any area your family spends a lot of time will need to be frequently vacuumed. Depending on the size of your family, how often you have company, and the area you live in, you may need to vacuum these areas up to two a week.

Homes With Young Children

Babies and young children spend a lot of time on the floor and often put objects in their mouth off the floor, so it is even more important to vacuum regularly if you have young children in your home.

Vacuuming regularly is important not only for the appearance but also for the health and well-being of your family and home.

Dirt particles won’t stay on the top of carpets fibers for long. When not vacuumed, the dirt particles will eventually fall to the bottom of the carpet fibers where they are no longer visible.

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How to Deep Clean Your Bedroom

Depp clean your bedroom

It’s Spring and that means it’s time for more Spring cleaning tips! We have provided some tips on how to deep clean your bedroom.

After all, we spend many hours of our lives sleeping in our bedrooms, so it is important to your health to keep it clean and free of dust, dirt, and bacteria.

Tips to Deep Clean Your Bedroom:

Start the Laundry.

  • Remove bed sheets, pillow cases, comforter or quilt, mattress cover, and blankets. Get the laundry going first so that they can wash while you work. Start with the mattress pad than the sheets and pillow cases.
  • Down blankets can usually be washed in cool water and dried in the dryer or on a clothesline. Check tags to make sure of washing instructions. For best results add dryer balls or a clean tennis ball to the dryer to fluff the down while it dries.
  • Stop the cycle every 30 minutes to fluff with your hands and break up any clumps.
  • Be sure that the comforter is completely dry before putting it back on the bed.

Wash windows and Walls

  • Dust sticks to more than the dresser. use a wet microfiber cloth to wipe down walls, ceiling fans, crown molding, window sills, and light fixtures.
  • Use a new cotton mop to reach high areas like the ceiling and corners.
  • If you have a vacuum with an extension use it to vacuum up cobwebs and dust from hard to reach areas.
  • Wash the windows with a microfiber cloth and warm soapy water to wipe down the window sills. Then, use a glass cleaner and paper towels to clean and polish the window.
  • For overhead light fixtures, remove the globes and wash them in the sink and then allow them to air dry. If they are not removable, dust well.
  • Clean doorknobs and light switches with disinfectant spray and a clean cloth.

Clean Storage and Surfaces

  • Wipe down all surfaces, lamp, dressers, door frames, picture frames, night stands, and furniture.
  • Start at the highest point and work your way down in order to prevent dust from settling on freshly cleaned areas.
  • Remove curtains and wash them according to the tag instructions. Or you can use your vacuum attachment to dust them.
  • Remove clothes from closet and vacuum and dust walls and surfaces. Be sure to use the vacuum attachment for small corners and dusty areas.
  • Wipe down dresser and be sure to fold and organize clothes in the drawers.

Clean Flooring

  • Wash baseboards with warm soapy water and a microfiber cloth.
  • Use your vacuum extension to clean under the bed.
  • Remove any rugs and vacuum well.
  • If you have hardwood floors vacuum and mop well.
  • For fresh smelling carpet, sprinkle a little baking soda and allow to sit for a few minutes before vacuuming well.
  • Have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year to remove deep dirt, dust, and allergens.

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Robot Vacuum Guide

robot vacuum
source: http://www.xiaomitoday.com

The future is now! Sorry, no flying cars yet but we live in a world of computers and robots. They are in everything from including our vacuum cleaners.

Most people don’t enjoy chores especially vacuuming. It is time-consuming and tedious but something that must be done and the more often the better. You probably have seen robot vacuum cleaners and dreamed of never having to vacuum again but at the same time thought it must be too good to be true.

Well, we have listed the pros and cons of robot vacuum cleaners so you can decide if it is worth the investment.

Pros of Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Programmable Schedule

Robot Vacuum cleaners have a program function so you can set them to clean on certain days and at certain times. It is really nice to be able to have clean floors without have having to drag out the vacuum cleaner yourself and manually vacuum.

Gets Hard to Reach Areas

Most robot vacuum cleaners are small and compact in order to easily travel under beds, sofas, couches and other hard-to-reach-areas that the old-fashion vacuum cleaners simply can’t. This feature is great for dust busting all those common dust bunny breeding spots.

Spot Cleaning

Many robot vacuum cleaners include a spot cleaning feature that you can set. This features focuses on messes or spills in one certain area rather than running over the entire house. This is nice if you have an area of your home that gets particularly dirty often.


Hard surfaces in your home like tile and hardwood may require occasional mopping after being vacuumed. Some robot vacuum cleaners have a mopping mode.

Cons of Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Can’t Have Items on the Floor

Just like a regular vacuum cleaner, robot vacuum cleaners will suck up things like socks, toys, or other small objects.

So, you will have to make sure all these items are picked up around the house just like you would while using a standard vacuum.

The difference here is that when using a regular vacuum you can pick up forgotten items as you go, with a robot vacuum you will have to remember to pick up before days and times the vacuum is set for.

They Can Get Stuck

For the most part, all robot vacuum cleaners are a similar shape and size but there are variations. Just a quarter of an inch in height can make the difference between gliding under a dresser or get wedged under it and stuck.

Battery Life

Limited battery life is a major downside. Robot vacuum cleaners are supposed to automatically return to the charging station when they are running low on batteries but often they get lost on their way home and die in the middle of the room. Some models are better at this than others.

Trash Compartment

Due to their relatively compact size, robot vacuum cleaners have a small trash compartment which must be emptied frequently. This can be even worse in homes that have a lot of debris like homes with numerous pets that shed.

Need Regular Vacuum

Robot vacuum cleaners are great for regular cleaning but there is still spaces that they can not reach like stairs and some corners. So you wouldn’t want to throw out the traditional vacuum cleaner.


Robot vacuum cleaners are generally less noisy than a regular vacuum cleaner but they do run slower so there is a longer period of noise than with a standard vacuum cleaner. This can be avoided by programming the vacuum to run when you are not at home.


Unfortunately, robot vacuum cleaners are still an extravagant purchase at this point especially when you consider that you still need to have a traditional vacuum as well. Even at the low end, they are more expensive than a traditional vacuum cleaner.


Robot vacuum cleaners can be an awesome addition to your cleaning arsenal but at this point, they are still a luxury. If you have the disposable income for it and really hate chores robot vacuum cleaners are great. Hopefully, they will become more affordable before flying cars.

It is important to consider the pros and cons of cordless vacuum cleaners before you decide if they are worth the price. Check out our blog about cordless vacuum cleaners to learn if they are the right vacuum for you.

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Deep Clean Your Bathroom

Clean Your Bathroom

It is pretty obvious that your bathroom needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. It is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. According to University of Arizona professor of microbiology Charles Gerba, who has performed many household bacteria studies, the bathroom is still the germiest place in your home.

Deep cleaning your bathroom every so often to combat those little dirty microorganisms. Whether you prefer to do a little cleaning here and there or to finish it in one fell swoop, these tactics will help you clobber those bathroom germs.

We have a couple tips that you will want to make a part of your cleaning routine every couple of months in order to maintain a clean and sanitary bathroom.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips


 A dirty showerhead can be infested with Mycobacterium avium, which is a pathogen that has been linked to pulmonary disease. If it is not cleaned, you can be inhaling tons of germs every time you turn your shower on.

Shower Head – Start at the top with the shower head. Pour a good amount of white vinegar into a plastic grocery bag and tie it over the shower head.

Make sure there is enough vinegar in the bag to cover the showerhead nozzle completely. Then, allow it to soak overnight. The next morning, remove the bag and run the water to rinse.

Shower Curtains – Wash plastic shower curtains in your washing machine with regular detergent and a few dirty bath towels, they will work as scrubbing agents, which will help to remove soap scum and mildew.

Then, hang them back up and allow to dry.

Shower Doors– Make a simple white vinegar and baking soda paste and apply it directly to the shower doors.

Be sure to make the paste thick enough so that it will stick and then allow it to sit for an hour. Use a microfiber cloth to scrub off the paste. Rinse and dry with a fresh microfiber cloth.

Tub– It is a good practice to scrub your tub at least once a week. If your tub is really grimy, fill it with hot water and then let it drain.

Next, apply a bathroom cleaner and allow it to sit for at least 15 minutes before you scrub it off.

Daily Tip: Germs love moisture. To help prevent germ growth, leave a window open for at least an hour to bring down the humidity in your bathroom. Also, it is a good practice to wipe down all condensation from all surfaces after showering.


Grout is very porous which makes it very susceptible to bacteria growth.

To Clean Grout – Dip a grout brush into bleach and scrub any discolored areas. Be sure to rinse well when you are done and that the room is well ventilated.

Extra Tip – To help prevent moisture and grime from getting into the grout, seal your grout about every six months.


Germs like bacteria, E. coli and salmonella linger in the toilet bowl even after you flush. Each time you flush these germs are being shot into the air and landing on the toilet seat, the handle and other surfaces.

To Clean Toilet – Begin with pouring a cup of baking soda into the bowl and allowing it to sit for a few minutes.

If you still see stains, try using a damp pumice stone to scrub the mineral deposits and lime scale.

Clean the Toilet Brush Itself – You really should clean the toilet brush after every use. Just think about the germs sitting on the tool used to clean the toilet!

Secure the brush handle between the already cleaned seat and the basin so that it is hovering over the bowl. Next, pour bleach over the bristles. Allow it to sit for a few minutes, then rinse it with a pitcher of water.

Next, fill the brush holder with warm soapy water. Dump the solution into the toilet when you are finished.

Extra Tip – Always shut the toilet lid before you flush and use the vent fan which will suck up bacteria before it has a chance to settle. And always store toothbrushes and contact lenses inside of a medicine cabinet.

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Kitchen Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring Clean Your Kitchen

It’s Spring again and that means it’s time for spring cleaning! It’s the perfect time of year to bust out the cleaning supplies and clean out all the dust, dirt and grime that has built up over the winter months.

It is always a good idea to clean one room at a time, not only when Spring cleaning but whenever you’re cleaning your home. Concentrating on one area at a time allows you to focus and clean more efficiently. We have some tips on spring cleaning your kitchen in this blog!

Spring Cleaning Kitchen Checklist:


  • Clean, dry and put away all dishes and utensils.
  • Clear countertops and wipe them clean.
  • Remove any clutter that does not belong in the kitchen.

Organize the Pantry:

  • Remove EVERYTHING and place items on the countertop. (Don’t cheat and just move items around! It is important to remove all items for a deep clean.)
  • Check expiration dates and toss anything that is old, stale, empty, or that you know you will not eat.
  • Set aside all unopened items that you could donate to a food pantry.
  • Wipe down all the shelves with warm soapy water.
  • Before you put items back, place like items together and then put them back together.
  • Create a separate area for like items.
  • Put oldest items in the front to be used up first and newer in the back.

Organize and Clean Refrigerator and Freezer:

  • Starting with the refrigerator, remove all items and place them on the table or counter. (Once again remove EVERYTHING.)
  • Check labels and toss expired old, mold, empty, and unwanted items.
  • Wipe down shelves, draws, and walls with warm soapy water or kitchen cleaner.
  • If you are able to remove the draws and shelves, it is best to take them out and wash them in the sink.
  • Put food back in the refrigerator and arrange like food together.
  • Remove unneeded magnets and papers from the exterior, then clean and polish the outside.
  • Repeat these steps for the freezer.

Clean Cabinets, Countertops, and Sink:

  • Clear the countertops of any remaining clutter. Remove unnecessary items, a clear countertop with giving your kitchen a clean and organized appearance.
  • Remove countertop appliances.
  • Wipe down countertops with warm soapy water or kitchen cleaner, wipe clean and dry well.
  • Wipe down the exterior of all cabinet. Be sure to get all handles and knobs since the are touched often.

Clean Floors:

  • Remove chairs, rugs and anything else movable off the surface of the floors.
  • Sweep the entire floor. You may even want to follow this with running your vacuum over the surface.
  • Spot clean any sticky, dirty or stained area with a towel and warm soapy water.
  • Mop the floor with your choice of floor cleaner.
  • It is a good idea to have your tile or stone floors and countertops professional cleaned at least once a year to maintain their natural beauty and remove germs and bacteria that grow in the grout.

Clean All Other Appliance:

  • Wipe down the microwave inside and out. Remove the plate and wash it.
  • Clean the exterior and stovetop of your over. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning the inside of your oven.
  • Clean and polish the exterior of the dishwasher. To clean the inside place a cup of white vinegar in a dishwasher-safe container on the upper rack. Ru the dishwasher on the hot cycle. This will remove grime and musty odors.

Cleaning is easier when you break it down. Follow this checklist and get your kitchen ready for another year of living!

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Cordless Vacuum Guide

source: http://heavy.com/tech/2015/05/top-10-best-cordless-vacuum-reviews/

In the market for a new vacuum cleaner? Not sure what type to go with? You should consider the pros and cons of cordless vacuum cleaners before you decide if it’s the right purchase for your home.

Modern technology has given us a wide variety of products in just about everything. Vacuum cleaners are no exception. Sometimes deciding something as simple as a vacuum can be overwhelming with the many makes, models, and features.

If you are considering a cordless vacuum cleaner for your home you will want to read on and learn about the advantages and disadvantages so you can decide if it is the right cleaning tool for your home but first what exactly is a cordless vacuum?

What is a Cordless Vacuum?

As the name implies a cordless vacuum cleaner is a vacuum without a cord. It does the same job as a standard corded vacuum which is to suck of dirt, dust, and debris off your floors, and other surfaces.

Cordless vacuum cleaners are powered by batteries rather than electrical outlets like a standard vacuum.

However, the batteries must be charged and the charging station must be plugged into an outlet. So, your cordless vacuum cleaner does still technically require electricity from your home’s power supply.

So that’s the basics of what a cordless vacuum cleaner is, now let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of Cordless Vacuum Cleaners


Since these vacuum cleaners operate without a cord, they are capable of greater mobility than that of a standard vacuum which is constantly tethered to an outlet and limiting its movement.

You can move from room to room in your home without having to unplug and re-plug your vacuum cleaner. Also, a cordless vacuum cleaner can move freely around a room without getting caught under the couch or table legs.


Probably the biggest advantage of a cordless vacuum cleaner is the convince it provides the owner. Not having to deal with cord tangles, finding an outlet, or wrapping the cord back up when you finished cleaning will save you a good amount of time and headaches.

Another convenient aspect of cordless vacuum cleaners is that most models do not have a bag that stores the dirt and dust that is picked up.

Rather most have an easy to empty storage compartment that you simply dump when you are through cleaning. This is helpful to keep your home smelling fresh. Old vacuum bags can begin to smell when they become full and can cause your home to smell as well.


Generally, cordless vacuum cleaners are lightweight which makes then very portable. Depending on the brand and model, some cordless vacuum cleaners can be great for cleaning stairs and even the interior of your vehicle without having to worry about dealing with the cord.

Cons of Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Battery Life

The biggest disadvantage of cordless vacuum cleaners is limited power supply. When the battery is used up the vacuum must be plugged back into the charger and allowed enough time to charge before use.

This can be very irritating especially when you are in the middle of vacuuming a room and have to stop to charge.

Not Suitable for Large Areas

Since cordless vacuum cleaners can run out of battery power, they may not be a good choice for homes with large areas that need regular vacuuming. Depending on the brand you choose the battery life can range from 15 minutes to an hour when it is full charged. So that is something you will want to consider.

A second reason that a cordless vacuum cleaner is not suitable for large jobs is due to the fact that they often have smaller trash compartments, so you may have to stop to empty it frequently if you are vacuuming your entire home.

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How to Organize Your Closet


Your closet can easily become a disaster area, especially if you have a lot of clothes, shoes, jewelry, and stuff that you store in it. Having an unorganized closet can be stressful. It makes it difficult to find specific items or to even just get dressed each day when you have to dig through a mound of clothes. Organize your closet to have a more organized life!

Organizing your closet will help to make your mornings run smoother, keep clothes wrinkle-free and clean, and help give you peace of mind. We have provided five simple steps to help you organize your closet.

5 Easy Steps to Organize Your Closet:

Step 1

Assign an area to empty your closet out into, like your bed or you can clear an area of your room. Next, remove everything from the closet, clothes, hangers, boxes, shoes, blankets and anything else you store inside it. This first step is extremely important and possibly the most time consuming but it will help you see everything that you have in plain view and allow you to see what kind of storage you need.

It may be worth investing in a collapsible clothing rack to hang items so you can better see what you have. You can use the rack in your laundry room once you are done with the project!

Take your time in this process, remove each item and lay them out individual. If you through items in piles, you will not be able to tell what you all have. Listen to music or enlist the help of a friend or family member to make this process more enjoyable!

Step 2

Organize items into categories. It is usually best to start with two categories: “keep” and “toss.” Take the “toss” items and place them in bags or boxes to be donated or passed on to friends or family members.

Next, organize items in broad categories like clothes, shoes, and linens. Then, divide those into subcategories like winter boots, sweaters, and sheets.

It is important to remain organized during this stage when you come across small items like batteries or earrings make sure to keep them together in a baggie or jar so that they don’t become lost.

Step 3

Remove items that do not belong in a particular closet. Often items will get stored in the wrong closet which leads to disorganization and clutter. So make sure to move bedroom items to your bedroom closet, kitchen items to the kitchen closet, linens to the linen closet.

It is tempting to just through items out of sight into the wrong closet but this leads to clutter. But try to stay focused on the designated closet you are working on. You can always organize other closets at a later date.

Step 4

Get rid of unwanted items. This can be the hardest part of the process.

You will need to look at each item and decide whether it worth keeping. For example, you will want to get rid of socks or shoes that are missing their partner or anything that has holes. Then you will want to ask yourself the following three questions when deciding:

Does it still fit?

Have I worn it in the last year?

Do I really need that many (jeans, socks, blankets, etc.)

If the answer is “no” then it’s time for it to go. You can donate to charity, sell items online, have a garage sale, or pass on to friends and family.

Step 5

Before you put your items back in the closet you will want to clean the closet itself. An empty closet is the perfect time to dust and wipe down shelves and vacuum or mop closet floors.

You will probably find items like clothing tags, store receipts and dust bunnies when the closet is completely empty that you may have missed before. This may also be a good time to repaint a closet or wipe down the walls if they have mold or mildew growing on them.

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Why Choose Carpet?

carpet family

Why choose carpet for your home?

There are many flooring options on the market today from stone, tile and hardwood flooring. But nothing is more inviting and comfortable than carpet.

We have listed just some of the reasons to consider choosing carpet in your home over other flooring options.

Reasons to Choose Carpet:

Comfort and Warmth

Nothing is quite as comfortable under foot as carpet. It provides a soft cushion for your feet. Carpet gives a room the feeling of being inviting, cozy, soft and warm, which makes it a great choice for living rooms or bedrooms.

Compliments the Décor

Carpet comes in many different colors, patterns, surfaces and textures. It can complement the décor of any room.


Carpet helps to soften harsh sounds and can give your home a quieter more peaceful feel. The installation of carpet and underlay can greatly diminish the sound of footfall, objects being dropped and chairs being dragged across the floor. This makes carpet a wonderful choice for homes with children and pets.

Carpet and underlay help to reduce echo in your home that can travel from room to room. This can be especially helpful in areas of your home that are used for frequent phone calls, like a home office.


Falling can be a danger with many flooring options like hardwood and stone. Carpet is very slip-resistant and therefore a safer choice for homes with small children and for seniors.

It provides a soft surface for children, especially young children learning to crawl or walk who fall frequently. Slippery flooring can be very hazardous for the especially for the elderly. Carpet is the safest flooring choice to protect against serious injury resulting from falls and slips in the home.


Carpet is naturally a great thermal insulator. Its insulation ability is comparable to fiberglass. Carpet can help to greatly reduce energy costs in heating and cooling which also helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which is good for your wallet and the earth.

A carpeted floor just feels warmer than other floorings, especially when you have underlay installed as well. Uninsulated floors can be responsible for up to 20% of heat loss for a home.

The best way to save energy is to have carpet installed in a large area of your home from wall to wall, this way you are saving the most possible energy.


There are so many options in carpeting that it is sure to fit any budget. It can be considerably less expensive than wood, vinyl and ceramic tiles, which are usually sold by the broadloom meter while most other products are sold in square meters. This means that you get about 3 times more carpet for the same square meter price of other floorings.

Healthiest Choice

Contrary to common belief, to choose carpet, can be great for your health and overall well-being. Well cared for carpet can actually help to purify the air because it can reduce indoor dirt and allergens that cause allergies and asthma in people. Carpet pile can trap airborne dust and particles that contain allergens and absorbs the containments from inside and outside your home, including volatile organic compounds.

Carpet can be good for your overall wellbeing since it provides a more quiet and comfortable environment which can help you avoid stress and stay calm and relaxed.

Easy to Maintain

Carpet is generally easy to take care of. It just requires periodic vacuuming, prompt attention to spills and having it professionally cleaned about once a year to remove deeper embedded dirt and allergens.

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